"Mad Lucky" Oswald The Lucky Rabbit - Black Premium Vintage Wash

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This tee is screen printed on a premium black vintage washed tee with grey ink. See size chart for tee details.

Read our original Oswald Tale called MAD LUCKY here: 

In the vibrant town of Toontopia, there resided a cheerful rabbit named Oswald, famously known as Oswald The Lucky Rabbit. With a spring in his step and a twinkle in his eye, Oswald's life had always been a delightful dance of good fortune.

But one ordinary day, as Oswald bounded through the colorful streets of Toontopia, disaster struck. His cherished lucky charm, a gleaming horseshoe, disappeared without a trace. Suddenly, Oswald's world turned topsy-turvy as his once abundant luck seemed to vanish into thin air.

Dismayed and perplexed, Oswald sought solace in the familiar haven of Park Hop Tees, the trendiest t-shirt shop in all of Toontopia, owned by his dear friend Gaby. With a heavy heart, Oswald explained his predicament to Gaby, who listened with a sympathetic ear.

"Oswald, fear not," Gaby reassured him, her voice brimming with determination. "We'll find a way to restore your luck, I promise."

Inspired by Gaby's unwavering faith, Oswald perked up and scanned the colorful array of t-shirts adorning the walls of Park Hop Tees. And there, amidst the vibrant designs, his eyes fell upon a particularly eye-catching t-shirt—a dazzling shirt adorned with lucky symbols and shimmering stars.

"This is it!" Oswald exclaimed, a spark of hope igniting within him. "This shirt will be my new lucky charm!"

With Gaby's encouragement, Oswald donned the lucky t-shirt, feeling its soft fabric embrace him like a warm hug. And as he stepped out into the bustling streets of Toontopia, a renewed sense of optimism filled his heart.

But Oswald's journey to reclaim his luck was far from easy. Along the way, he encountered a series of challenges and setbacks, from mischievous pranks to daring escapades. Yet, with each trial he faced, Oswald refused to give up, drawing strength from the unwavering support of his friends and the newfound confidence bestowed upon him by his lucky t-shirt.

And as Oswald's adventures unfolded, a remarkable transformation took place. With each act of kindness and bravery, Oswald discovered that true luck wasn't just about finding fortunate charms—it was about embracing the magic within himself and spreading joy wherever he went.

Finally, after a whirlwind of trials and tribulations, Oswald stood triumphant atop a hill overlooking Toontopia, his lucky t-shirt gleaming in the sunlight. And as he gazed out at the bustling town below, Oswald knew one thing for certain—he was mad lucky, not because of any trinket or talisman, but because he had the power to create his own luck through kindness, courage, and perseverance.

With a grateful smile, Oswald turned to Gaby, his faithful friend and ally, and together they watched as the sun dipped below the horizon, casting a warm glow over the town. And in that moment, Oswald realized that no matter what challenges lay ahead, as long as he had the love and support of his friends, he would always be the luckiest rabbit in Toontopia.